Day 7: Rest Day and Research

I woke up late knowing there wouldn’t be much surf and bad wind. Karibu wanted to look at more waves farther south and I was more interested in in going to the local onsen (hot spring and spa center). So we took our time and hung at the guest house before heading south.

In Japan I eat breakfast from the convenient store. Sometime not just breakfast, but lunch or sometimes dinner. The convenient stores in Japan have a wide spread of onigiri, sushi, onigiri, rice plates noodle and pasta plates ,salads, bread, frozen bags of noodles and many other snacks. I wish this was available in the states.

chocolate bread, 2 Hotcakes filled with syrup, and coffee

In the afternoon, Karibu and I took off to scope another point break in Miyazaki. We drove through farmlands, down dirt roads and past cemeteries till we got to the beach.

We parked the car and then walked a little farther up the beach till we got to the point. There were no waves and the wind was blowing onshore. But there was one surfer out in the chop just bobbing up and down. We stayed for a while and didn’t see him catch any waves. Regardless, this point break looked a lot like Uppers in San Clemente. There was a little river mouth and a rock pile. I knew that on the right swell, this place would go off.

I wasn’t too disappointed. I knew that we were not going to get any waves today. I was just happy to explore the coast for potential spots for next time I come back to Miyazaki. And more excited for onsen on the way back to Pumping Surf.

For those that are unfamiliar with onsen; it’s like a spa center. Mainly focused around geothermal baths. All of the ones that I have been to have multiple baths built in with larch rocks and stones giving it a natural atmosphere. Some of the baths are mineral baths too. The technique for maximum healing and relaxation is:

1: Eat something delicious in the restaurant that is attched to the onsen.

2: Go to the baths and take a shower.

3: Submerge in the cold bath and then the hot springs. You can also just air bath to cool you body down. The reason for this is: When you get in the cold bath, you body takes in all of the blood from your extremities and brings it into you core. Then when you go in the hot bath, you blood returns to your extremities. This circulation of the blood thought you body is a way of cleansing and detoxing your body. I make sure that go from cold to hot baths a few times during my session, and stay in the cold bah for as long as I can bear it before going to the hot bath. This onsen also had an Electric bath. I’d never tried it before. When I first went in I jumped right out because it was so painful. You would basically go into this field of electrical current in the bath and it would send shock waves through your body. I was able to go in two more time for about a minute before jumping out in pain. However, later I did feel less tense and much more relaxed.

4: Lastly after you bath, you go into the nap room where there’s a tv on low volume. You can get some more food or ice cream if you want or just take a nap and relax.

While I was napping I heard the news on the TV talking about the weather that was coming in and then they started talking abut The Kyushu Basho, so I looked up and watched some highlights from that day as I dozed.

We went back to the same place in town for dinner that night. Then when we go t back to Pumping Surf and we were able to go out to the beach and have a bonfire. There were so many stars out. A perfect way to end my stay in Miyazaki. 宮崎和迫です。


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