Day 6: Adventure

Another morning in Miyazaki, another sunrise.

Karibu and I waited for the tide to come up before paddling out. It wasn’t so good, so we didn’t stay out long. Later he was going to pick up a rental car and do some sight seeing in the south and I invited me to come with him. We went to Aoshima in Miyazaki proper. It’s an island that is attached by a land bridge. The formation of the rocks was created by the tide constantly washing over the sand stone making it hard. Its nickname is the “Devil’s Washboard.”

The island, Aoshima
Tori: or entrance gate
Aoshima Jinja (shrine)

We scouted some waves after visiting the shrine and found it blowing offshore right by the Miyazaki Sports Park.

scoping the surf.
Karibu takes off going left.

That evening, we surfed until we couldn’t see any more. I knew this was a spot I would have to come back to; especially when the swell was pumping. On our way back to Pumping Surf, we stoped by an udon restaurant for dinner.

Udon wa oishi desu.

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