Day 8: Back on the train to Fukuoka

Today was checkout day from Pumping Surf. There was still opportunity to surf before I left for Fukuoka. I had done better research this time so I would only need to catch an express train to Kagoshima and then the Shinkansen to get back to Fukuoka.

Karibu and I were going to try and surf the same spot next to the Miyazaki Sports Park that we did a few days earlier. Then he would drop me off a the train station and catch his flight back to Tokyo. We checked out the waves first and it looked like a small blown out mess. Regardless, I still rented a board in town and we paddled out. The conditions were difficult. Chop coming every which way and the wind blowing us south. Still, I managed to get some waves.

Before Karibu and I left Miyazaki, we were able to squeeze in an onsen session in town. After onsen, Karibu dropped me at the train station and we parted ways. We made plans to meet up the following week when I would go to Tokyo. Izakaya and surfing was still to come.

Sunshine Miyazaki Local Train

This train trip back to Fukuoka was a piece of cake. I just had to wait an hour at Miyazaki station for my express train to arrive. I’ll take that over 8 train transfers any day.

I heard that Fukuoka is famous for its ramen, so when I got to my hostel, I asked the manager for a recommendation for a vegetarian ramen place close by, and he suggested 333 where they had tomato ramen. So I put my vegetarianism aside and cheated for some tomato ramen (traditionally ramen stock is made from pork bones). The restaurant was at the ramen village on the 5th floor of a shopping center. There was 5 or 6 different ramen restaurants!


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