Day 5: New Friends

Karibu and I woke up early to watch the sun rise and check the surf. There was a lot of clouds and the swell was dying and low tide was bottomed out. The wind was not helping either; it was blowing from the south. Miyazaki is on the south east coast of Japan, so it’s exactly opposite of California. The sun comes up over the ocean and the swell directions were coming from the south and the east this time of year instead of from the north and west. So cool that Japan is like a mirror image of California.

Karibu and I stalled out and waited for the tide to come up before we paddled out.

We surfed until the afternoon before heading in for a nap and then another evening session.

Tired after surfing, we rested a bit before thinking about dinner. He suggested a place down the road that we would bike to. I turns out that it was 4 mi each way. Through the hilly dark roads and light rain, my legs were killing me before we made it to the restaurant. The restaurant had a vending machine menu that was all in Japanese. There was not much of a vegetarian option, so I went for It and ordered some fish. After all, the main reason I chose to be vegetarian was to not support the American meat companies with my dolla dolla $$$ bills yall. I’d rather support the locals in Japan.

We returned to Pumping Surf, we had some beers and hung out in the kitchen and practiced each others language before turning in for the night. Another sunset and checking the waves in the morning.


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