Day 11: 5 Seeds

I woke up late again because there was still no waves. The weather had improved so took a walk down to Tebiro Beach to see how it looked and collect a few shells. I spent the rest of the morning at the guest house on the computer, editing some video and writing, as well as having a fun conversation with Mami about life, society, and aliens before she checked out. She had spent some time in the states studying, and her English was quite good. So It was a little easier communicating with her.

The manager Tatsu invited me to the grand opening of his friends caffe in Naze in the afternoon, so I tagged along with him and his family. The Caffe’s name is 5 Seeds and it is in this small covered shopping street in Naze, the big city on the Island. The shop itself was small. It only had 3 seats inside and behind the seats was a window that led out into the center with a bench out front where people could still gather and eat or drink. 5 Seeds was the first place in Japan that I saw that actually advertised vegan and vegetarian food. AMAZING! I was able to get a sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and vegan cheese.

The owner had lived in New York for 5 years during school and later when she was back in Japan, she just wanted to open a cafe that would make sure that everyone would be able to get something to eat. I thanked her graciously, saying that it has been so difficult to get vegetarian food in Japan. And that I would make sure to come back next time I am in Amami.

When I came back to the guest house, It was just me there for the next two days. So I just made some food, tried to catch up on some sumo, and went to bed because I new there would be waves the next two days.


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