Day 3: Fukuoka to Miyazaki

I left my apartment at 10:00am and walked to Hakata station in Fukuoka to catch the Shinkansen. When I got on the train, I ran into one of he guys that was staying at the hostel, Scott. He had been traveling around all over South East Asia before coming to japan and was was making his way across all of Japan top to bottom. We had a good chat about our travels before I got off a Kumamoto. I had the choice to take it all the way to Kagoshima or go half way and take local trains to Miyazaki. I made the dire mistake of choosing the later. On my Japan train app, it said that it would only take me a little over 4 hours to get to Miyazaki from Fukuoka… not the way I did it though, which took me about 15 hours of on and off trains, “kono eki wa ikitai’s” (“I want to go to this station”), up and down stairs with my bags from platform to platform, and 2 hour waits between trains. I knew I was going to do all of this but I didn’t know it would be to this extreme. I was lucky enough to catch the last train of the night a few times.

I got off at Yoshimatsu station and there was no one woking the ticket gate because it was getting later. I found a rail attendant and told him that I was going all the way to Miyazaki and I wanted to get to my next transfer station. He directed me to platform 2 to my next train and said it leaves in 45min. As I was waiting, I saw him run across the tracks toward me and give me this paper. Always, the Japanese go above and beyond to 1: do their job and 2: go out of their way to help people. This made my night. It is actions like this that really represent the people and spirit of Japan.

With 30 minutes to kill, I saw from the platform that there was a festival going on right outside the station with music and good smelling food so, I ran out to grab some yakisoba before my train.

After Miyazaki station I had one more local train to get to my last stop and either take the 20 minute walk or go to extra stations and take a taxi… I ended up walking because I figured it would be the same amount of time or less. I finally got to my Hostel at around 1am. In total, I ended up taking 1 Shinkansen, 1express train, and 6 other local trains until I finally made it to my hostel in Northern Miyazaki Prefecture. I just hoped there was good surf in the morning.


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