Hi, I’m Trevor

I’m a musician (drums and percussion is my instrument), teacher, surfer, and adventurer. I’ve played in rock bands, full orchestras, pit orchestras, percussion ensembles, island bands, choirs, and I’m sure I’m forgetting other groups too. Along with playing, I’ve been instructing marching bands, teaching private lessons and giving master classes since 2009. Alongside my musical career, I am an amateur surfer. And when I use the word amateur, I’m referring to the old ways of using the word meaning a lover of the sport and advocate of the sea. Ive competed in a few amateur contest and I am by no means a pro. It is just a passion of mine that parallels my musical career.

You may find me posting blogs here about music, surfing, backpacking, or traveling. the reason I do it here rather than any other social site is because, first of all, I am not a fan of any social sites because there is till a disconnect with the communication… Timing, miss-understanding of intentions, or false realities. I’d rather keep my connections face to face and person to person through some form of text or call. That being said, this is an experiment. Thank you for following me and I hope you enjoy whatever comes through this platform.


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