Prep Time

Back in March, I made plans to go to Japan in June and meet my Mom and do some traveling after she finished her Silk Study Tour. I got my plane ticket and we started booking places to stay. The next month, in April, an opening came up in the Long Beach Symphony. And auditions were called in June, during the time that I was supposed to be in Japan. Of course, I knew I had to stay and take the audition (my first professional orchestra audition audition… There will be more to come). So I had to cancel my trip to Japan and then decide when to reschedule.

I had to decide when would be the best time to go that would not interfere with work too much and decide what to do while I’m there. I could wait till next summer and go during the 2020 Olympics…? But I knew it would be crowded and more expensive. So summer was out. Then I just made the determination to go in October or November, NO MATTER WHAT. November turned out better for my work schedule, so I just went for it. It would be my first time in Japan by myself, and I wanted to go somewhere I’d never been before and make my own itinerary.

For the last few years, I’ve been hearing about Surf in Miyazaki on Kyushu (the south island). So I juts decided to make the main purpose of my trip to surf and planned most of my other destinations around that. Ive surfed in Japan before, but not for an extended period of time. I’ll be in Japan a total of 19 days and visit Miyazaki, Amami Oshima (a small island just north of Okinawa), and Chiba with the goal of surfing whenever possible. But first…

I must watch Sumo!!

One of my first stops will be in Fukuoka to see a day of the November Basho (tournament). Go Ichinojo!!!

It’s always good to have friends where you are going to be traveling. Im starting in Nagasaki, and I’m fortunate enough that my mom has a friend that lives there. I hope that I can meet up with them and they can show me around the city. After Nagasaki, I’ll go to Fukuoka, Miyazaki, Amami Oshima, Tokyo, and Chiba. I’ll be chasing surf for the most part but, I am going to try my best to make some new friends and keep working on my Japanese language skills. サフーとしやべりましよう。


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